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6.2L Diesel Rebuild - The Phoenix

Last August, the 6.2L Diesel 1972 GM Pickup dubbed "The Phoenix" debuted in our local car club’s “Show and Shine” – the culmination of 20 years of waiting, working and waiting some more as we built and rebuilt what is arguably the ultimate working pickup truck.


Diesel Articles


Think that cooling fan is your friend? More likely, it is a sign that your engine oil is running too hot and driving up the temperature of your engine. Michael Patton takes us on the first part of a tour of the Duramax Engine Oil Cooler and its relationship to your engine's long-term health.


Diesel Articles


Owners of the GM 6.5L buy their vehicles expecting the benefits of a powerful diesel truck: legendary towing and hauling along with excellent fuel economy — they expect big things from the 6.5. For most however, the 6.5 has fallen frustratingly short in the power – and reliability – department.


Driving on Biodiesel

Diesel Articles

With fuel pump prices above $3.50 a gallon, nearly everybody has become interested in breaking America’s addiction to oil. While hybrids are gaining popularity and hydrogen-powered fuel cells sound like a cool, futuristic idea, millions of people could benefit, right now, by choosing to use biodiesel in the vehicles they are already driving.



Lube Notes

Why Lubricate? Millions, no Billions of dollars are spent annually lubricating every moving part in virtually every machine in operation worldwide. The short answer is that lubrication overcomes friction. Friction is not a complicated phenomenon, but it is important to correctly grasp this simple concept.


Rising Oil Prices


$100 per barrel, should we be surprised? Of course not! Yes, I’m talking about oil, and the disintegration of Western economies, particularly that of the United States. There is little doubt that oil will exceed $100.00 per barrel in 2008 – if it is still tied to the dollar at that point – and that may only be a passing price as it goes even higher. This reality should surprise no one: it has been building since the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s and is continuing according to verse and chapter revealed during that crisis. Oil reserves are actually higher now than in the 70s but the global marketing of oil has changed – and the politics of oil are worse than ever for the USA.


SES Light on in 6.5L Diesel

6.2/6.5 Issues and Answers

My 1995 Chevy 2500 4X4 has always run fine; yesterday the SES light came on and keeps coming on.  The truck seems to run OK though.

6.5 L Diesel Pushrod has Orange Ends

6.2/6.5 Issues and Answers

I am in the process of rebuilding my 6.5 TD and have noticed that the pushrods are orange-colored at one end.

6.5L Stalls and Sometimes Refuses to Start

6.2/6.5 Issues and Answers

My 1994 3500 GMC with a 6.5 TD stalls and at times refuses to start.  The SES light has never come on at all.

Losing Coolant in 6.5L Diesel with No Apparent Leak

6.2/6.5 Issues and Answers

My 1994 GMC 4x4 with a 6.5 TD has been losing coolant.  I don’t see any leaks and am a loss for what’s happening to the coolant.

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