Possible Failed Duramax Fuel Injector

I am pretty sure I have a bad duramax fuel injector on my 2001 (LB7?).  The fuel injector seems to be on the righthand bank when facing the engine (driver side). Is there a method to determine which fuel injector it is? These are replacement Duramax injectors under GM warranty, so I assume they are rebuilds, not new. Total miles: 178,000.

A Failed Duramax fuel injectors can be manifest in several ways:

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Mark said:

Duramax injector.
Im not sure when you posted this. There are several ways to check the injectors. Fisrt let me say dont waste you time replacing only one injector. I have trierd this several times and spent alot more money in labor because of not replacing them all. Isolating the injectors and checking the fueling balance is the best and most accurate way that i am aware of to identifing which injector/injectors are bad. Snap-on makes the best code reading tool. It will allow you to turn on and off injectors as well as chesk the balance. On Duramax diesel engines i have found that injectors 6 and 8 are for some reasons the first to go bad more times than not. They are the back 2 on the drivers side. If you are only able to replace a few due to cost attempt to replace the entire side. Again that being said you should really avoid this as well. I am not sore where you are located, but my suggestion to you would be to go to a reputable diesel truck service and have them chest the injectors and pressures to each injector to be certain it is the injector. Typical cost for this diagnostic test is $75 and takes 30 mins to 1 hour. The tolerance ranges for the injectors i believe are from -4.0 to +4.0, with the snap on diagnostic reader. I had 2 that were bad, injector 8 was at 4.1 and injector 6 was at 4.4. That was far enough out of tolorance to pump 8 gallons of diesel into my crankcase in 500 miles or less. Good luck, and hope went well or goes well.
March 03, 2011
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