Dash Rattles and Windshield Mounting Screws are Cracking Out

Volume 2 Issue 3 - 6.2/6.5 Issues and Answers

I have a '95 extra cab ¾-ton 4x4 6.5 Chev truck and now , thanks to your fine magazine and the solutions it has guided me to: it runs great and I really like it. Now I have another issue for you: my dash rattles and I can see that the mounting screws that run along by the windshield are cracking out: the plastic is broken where the screws go in. Is it just me, am I the only one with this problem or is there some way to fix it without having to replace the whole dash? John C. – Turlock, CA

You are in luck, John. There is a neat new fix available for your cracked dash. While most 95-99 trucks suffer from this same malady, many owners do not realize they have a problem: until they see the tell tale cracks. Fortunately this is easy to correct.

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