Volume 2 Issue 3 - Diesel Articles

sonoran_desert_licensed-featureA downpour in the Sonoran Desert significantly reduces otherwise scorching temperatures through the power of evaporative cooling. If disappearing water can reduce heat on this scale, then there is hope for the desert-like conditions inside your diesel engine.


Volume 2 Issue 3 - Diesel Articles

leaking-oil-spots-on-drivewayTired of leaky oil hoses on your 6.5L diesel? Heath Diesel has the solution with its "Blue Ribbon" 6.5L Diesel Oil Cooler and Hose Upgrade that will not only stop the oil but protect your engine.


Volume 2 Issue 3 - Diesel Articles

duramax_diesel_warranty_400-featureIf your still under warranty in your new Duramax, here are some things to consider before you make any power modifications – or try to hide them from GM.



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