EGR Blocker / Fingerstick Fix on Duramax LLY

We have a 2005 Chevy Duramax 6.6 LLY, and read about the EGR blocker/fingerstick fix in issues and answers Winter ‘07. We were wondering where we could purchase this product. We have 72,000 miles on the truck, have the Banks Ottomind power system on it and we are getting EGR valve open and EGR low flow codes. Can you help us?


Fuel Gelling Solution

I would like to add a fuel heater ahead of the fuel filter to deal with the issue of fuel gelling.


Will Oil Life Indicator Automatically Adjust When Using Amsoil Synthetic Oil on My LBZ Duramax?

If I use a longer change interval synthetic oil such as Amsoil, will the oil life indicator in the DIC follow the different type of oil? I have a just purchased LBZ Duramax with 33K on it.

Adjusting the Torsion Arm When Changing Tire Size on 2004 Duramax Diesel

I purchased a 2004 GMC Duramax recently that the previous owner put 285/75R16 tires on. I would like to go back to the original 245 tires but am wondering if the previous owner also tweaked the torsion arms as well. Is there a way to tell if they have been adjusted or some way to put them back to the factory settings. Thank you for your help, Rick.

Joel Paynton is an award-winning GM technician who specializes in Duramax fuel systems. He also does custom programming for any GM powertrain. Visit him on the web at


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