Global Warming: The Real Crisis

Volume 2 Issue 4 - Extra

As a child, I remember asking my father why some odd state or local government project was being undertaken. He would always say,

Follow the money trail, son, and you will invariably find out why.

As an unfortunate commentary about the world that we live in, this pearl of wisdom has proven all too often to be absolutely accurate. In a perfect world, one would hope to find truth and honesty and maybe even facts to make critical decisions. However, I believe that it is rare when policy decisions are made on the issues obvious to all. Most often there is a hidden agenda that provides advantage for a particular person or group; again, this is a variation of the money trail. A closer look at global warming reveals a disconnect between the facts and the policies being formulated. This issue is the single greatest threat to our prosperity for the Twenty First Century: not the atmospheric warming but the fallacious conclusions of cause and effect that is resulting in disastrous policies.

When sounding the alarm for the detrimental effects of global warming, proponents often use man-made global warming and global warming interchangeably; this sleight of hand sets the stage for erroneous conclusions. It is similar to the bait and switch tactics so often employed in advertising in which the features and benefits of a product are touted only to be switched out for a lesser quality product at the time of purchase. The planet may be warming but the conclusion that it is caused by man-made greenhouse gases is unsupported by even the simplest factual analysis. This con man approach to selling man-made global warming would be humorous were it not the source of draconian measures that threaten the very fabric of our great American society.

I will not try to duplicate all the science associated with this issue in this short column, but I will present some irrefutable facts that simply shoot down the idea of man-made global warming. Of course, I am not asking you to take my word by itself on this critical issue. Here are a couple of sources that discuss the issue plainly.

I encourage you to diligently look at these links and other sources and consider the facts for yourself.

So What Do the Facts Really Say?

Planet Earth has a long history of dynamic temperatures with wide swings from hot to cold, back and forth thousands of times: Figure One (below) documents 3,000 years of these temperature fluctuations. It is possible to look at recorded temperatures from the recent past to evaluate the cause and effects of temperature variations. In other words, when temperatures are going up or down what else is happening that may be the causing the temperature change or, conversely, be a result of the temperature change?
For many years, prior to modern instrumentation, astrophysicists assumed the sun was virtually constant in energy output. Incredible advances in technology have provided the ability to monitor the sun accurately and have proven this postulate to be in error; the sun does significantly vary in energy output. Figure Two (above) shows the changing output of the sun and the corresponding change in the earth’s atmospheric temperatures. There is little doubt that the correlation is clear evidence of the cause of global climate fluctuations. The concept is so common sense it seems that only an intentionally coordinated effort to deceive could cause such a straight forward cause and effect principle to be ignored. But why? I am not in a position to know exactly how this misconception gained traction and then snowballed into accepted truth, but not knowing does not change the result: disaster.

Figure One: 3,000-Year Average Sea Surface Temperatures

3,000-Year Average Sea Surface Temperatures

Figure One shows the fluctuations in sea surface temperature over the last 3,000 years with an average temperature of approximately 23ºC; a temperature we are still below today though we are definitely in an upward trend.

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