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The maxxTORQUE family of websites ( and provides your business with the opportunity to target highly qualified prospects with your products and services at very reasonable prices. Please review the information below and contact Dan Watson at (800) 661-7242 to inquire about advertising with us. Thank you.


Banner Ad: An ad, static or dynamic, running in a predetermined location throughout the section of the website indicated.

Front Page Ad: an ad exhibited on the homepage of the designated forum; this ad will be displayed every time the homepage is accessed.

Article Positioned Ad: Refers to a banner ad located in a designated article. Depending on the length of the article more than one banner may be inserted.


Ad rates are based on the type of ad selected and the term of agreement, the rates and combinations are listed below. All payments are in advance; Master Card, VISA, Discover credit cards or PayPal are preferred. Checks are accepted and ads will start on receipt of payment; in the event of a returned check the ads will stop and a $25.00 fee will be assessed. Ads will resume when the payment is made including the returned check fee.


A = Banner Ad
A-1 = Banner Ad GM forum only
B = Front Page Ad
C = Article Positioned Ad

(Rates in parentheses show monthly cost for comparison purposes.)

1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
$185 ($65)
$330 ($55)
$600 ($50)
$165 ($55)
$300 ($50)
$540 ($45)
$240 ($80)
$360 ($60)
$660 ($55)
$375 ($125)
$600 ($100)
$1,080 ($90)
$300 ($100)
$450 ($75)
$1,020 ($85)
$405 ($135)
$705 ($115)
$1,200 ($100)
$450 ($150)
$750 ($125)
$1,320 ($110)
$600 ($200)
$1,050 ($175)
$1,800 ($150)

Ad Submission

Ads will be accepted in the following formats and sizes:

GIF Image (Animated accepted with approval), JPEG Image or PNG Image or other standard types are accepted with approval.

468 X 60 Banner Ad
AMSOIL 468x60 Banner Ad

120 X 60 Front Page Button
AMSOIL vs Mobil 1 120x60 Button Ad

Other ad sizes available with custom pricing.

Ad Design Services

Ad design and construction are available and are priced according to the specific design requested. Request for ad design and construction should be included with the initial advertising agreement.


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