Motor Oil Classifications The ‘Old School’ axiom: “Oil is Oil” is simply wrong! Today’s engine oils, and all modern lubricants, are drastically improved in every aspect.
Diesel Fuel… The Ins and Outs Diesel fuel provides greater energy content than gasoline. Read more about the growing advantages of diesel fuel...
Diesel Engine 101 Looks like diesel engines are finally being accepted in the mainstream. Here's a diesel engine primer / refresher course.  
The 6.5 Factory Equipped Asthma Attack Running 6.2/6.5L GM Diesel engines in extreme conditions, like the ten percent grade in Fountain Hills, Arizona can push and, unfortunately, exceed the limits of a stock configuration. It can also take a chunk of money out of your pocket due to low fuel "economy". Here's a look at some modifications that increase the power of these relatively inexpensive engines while improving fuel economy.  
LLY Overheating: The GM Solution and Beyond Faced with runaway overheating and a thermal feedback loop in his LLY Duramax, Joel Paynton finds the GM LBZ cold-air intake upgrade a measurable improvement. But with one additional LBZ part, omitted in the GM service bulletin, he finds his LLY running significantly cooler – with more power.
Direct Oil Cooling, Part 2 Discover why direct cooling, properly engineered, offers the only solution that can control 1. Oil temperature, 2. Viscosity and 3. Flow rate to design specification limits under high load/high RPM conditions.

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  • Diesel Engine and GM Diesel History If you are not new to the world of the Diesel engine, you are probably familiar with some of its history dating back to the turn of the Twentieth Century when Rudolf Diesel patented, tested and began...
  • 2011 Duramax LML Review: Built to Tow I haven’t been this excited about a new truck model since the Duramax engine debuted in 2001. Back then, the new GM diesel powerhouse represented an exciting leap forward in torque, horsepower and reliability....
  • 6.5L Diesel Towing: Making the Grade Can Your Diesel Make The Grade? A Five-Mile, Six Percent Mountain Grade in Washington State Puts Our Project 6.5L Suburban to the Test Suburban Renewal walked you through the upgrade process for a...
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Duramax Diesel Issues and AnswersJoel Paynton provides the responses for the Duramax section of Issues & Answers. Joel Paynton is an award-winning GM technician who specializes in Duramax fuel systems. He also does custom programming for any GM powertrain.

In the Autumn 2009 issue...

  • Aluminum Wheel Corrosion?
  • Power Programmers?
  • Urea Fluid Cold Weather Issues?
  • Block Heater Triggers Engine Light
    Cold Winter Checklist

Read Duramax Diesel Issues and Answers...


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