Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heath Diesel 6.5L Diesel Oil Cooler and Hose Upgrade

Few things irritate truck-crazy people more than a messy oil leak. While it is unfortunate, many 6.5 drivers are too familiar with the poorly built stock diesel oil cooler hoses on these vehicles. They are known to leak, to fail and to ruin engines. Those of us, who have replaced these leaky rascals, find that the costly, dealer-supplied service replacement hose assemblies seldom provide more than a short term fix. These factory service units will often begin to leak oil within a few months after being replaced. Colder climates accelerate the onset of failure.
Leaking diesel oil cooler hoses are tough to live with, but a complete failure of one of these hoses is not uncommon and can result in the loss of the engine. The message here is that these tell tale leaks cannot be ignored.

In addition to the hoses that can leak, the special snap together type fittings used to connect the factory hoses to the engine block can separate, causing a total loss of lubrication. These spring clip, snap together fittings incorporate a wire clip that can break. The push-in fitting can then pop apart, resulting in a major loss of oil and that awful crunching and banging noise from deep within the engine.
Todd Hughes, Heath Diesel’s long time production manager and a fellow constantly in search of ways to improve the 6.5, has developed a fine solution to this pesky issue. And now, after a substantially long evaluation period, Heath Diesel Power is proud to introduce Todd’s Blue Ribbon Diesel Oil Cooler and Hose Upgrade Kit.
The Blue Ribbon Oil Cooler and Hose upgrade kit includes, extruded teflon-304 stainless braid hoses, strong plated steel fittings, efficient plate and fin type heat exchanger, hose supports and thread sealant.
Fittings threaded into the engine block. They are oriented to point toward the front of the truck. 
Removing clip from original oil cooler tube: they can be removed with a screw driver or needle nose pliers. 
The installed oil cooler promises years of performance – with no leaks!
The Blue Ribbon diesel oil cooler kit embodies a host of heavy duty, premium quality components. They are designed to provide exceptional performance and outstanding service life. The kit supplied heat exchanger is a plate and fin design, offering excellent heat extraction and low resistance to oil flow. The Blue Ribbon kit uses special, super duty, aircraft quality hose. This hose provides superior fluid compatibility, abrasion and corrosion resistance for exceptionally reliable service.
This large, 10 extruded PTFE Teflon type hose is covered with high density a 304 stainless steel braid covering for protection. It is grossly overbuilt for this application, with operating pressure rating of 1,500 PSI and burst pressure rating of 6,000 PSI. It is rated for a temperature range of 100 to over 500ºF. Heath assembles its Blue Ribbon hoses with an additional protective nylon mesh type sleeve as a further guard against damage to either the hose or other compenents with which it might come into contact.
The kit also includes Parker Hannifin’s best threaded fittings. These high quality, zinc dichromate-plated, one piece carbon steel fittings are used in both the engine block and in the heat exchanger.
The Parker steel fittings provide a vastly better assembly than is possible with lower cost brass parts. In addition to being structurally weak, brass fittings are not compatible with the threads of the aluminum heat exchanger. The two relatively soft materials commonly suffer galling of the threads when screwed together. When the threads gall during assembly, the parts may be rendered unusable. Steel is best.
The finished product provides superior diesel oil cooling system performance along with the security of a high quality construction. The Heath Diesel organization is serious about quality and its commitment to customer service is the stuff of legend. The Blue Ribbon kit is yet another example of this dedication to perfection.

6.5L Diesel Oil Cooler Installation

Follow along as we perform the installation of the Blue Ribbon system on a typical K2500 6.5 GM truck. The new Blue Ribbon system is a direct replacement for the problematic factory setup and it fits the truck perfectly. This is a straightforward, in-the-driveway, basic-hand-tool installation.To begin the installation, remove the exhaust crossover pipe and the front driveshaft on this 4X4 truck to gain additional working space.
Next, place an oil drain pan under the oil filter and removes the spin on oil filter and the cast aluminum oil filter adapter (4x4 only) to gain access to the oil cooler hose-to-block fittings.
Disconnect the factory diesel oil cooler lines by releasing the snap ring retainers in the block fittings. Then he removes these screw-in block fittings from the engine block ports.
Next, remove the park lamps and the grill from the front of the truck to gain access to the engine diesel oil cooler. Disconnect the original oil cooler tubes and removes the oil cooler.
Next, remove the front skid plate to gain additional access to the oil cooler tubes. The tubes can now be removed from the truck.
The next step is to install the kit-supplied steel fittings into the block ports. Be careful to apply the special, kit supplied thread sealer onto the treads of the two 90º fittings before installing them into the block ports. First install the forward fitting, orienting the threaded portion so it is pointing forward toward the front of the truck. Then install the second fitting into the rear port. Tighten it so that it points forward as well.
Wrench room in this area is at a premium, so you will need to be creative in choosing the tools that you use to tighten the fittings into the block. The two block-mounted, screw-in fittings feature precisely machined sealing areas so care must be taken to avoid damaging these important sealing surfaces during installation.
Now it is time to prepare to install the oil hoses. It is important to remenber that the installer is responsible for a final check of hoses, fittings and cooler to assure that no form of contamination exists inside them. When satisfied that they are absolutely clean, you should reinstall the protective plastic plugs on each end of the hoses during their routing and installation in order to prevent dirt from getting inside. It should come as no great surprise that cleanliness during assembly is critically important!
The shorter of the two hoses is connected between the forward block fitting and the driver side oil cooler fitting.
Next, install the supplied special fittings into the new Blue Ribbon Oil Cooler. The Blue Ribbon kit comes complete with the thread sealing paste recommended by Heath for these fittings: carefully apply it to each thread before threading the fittings.
Be careful to properly index these 45º fittings so that they are aimed toward one another as shown in the accompanying photos. Once this is done, install the new oil cooler onto the factory mount tabs. The thoroughness of this kit is apparent by the fact that the diesel oil cooler is fastened into place with the factory mount screws and no fabrication is necessary to mount it. When the hoses are in place, install the special hose routing clamps before tightening the four hose-to-fitting nuts.
The next step is to reinstall the oil filter adapter. It should be thoroughly cleaned prior to installation. Use the supplied service replacement o-rings to assure a perfect and leak-free sealing to the block. The 4x4 oil filter adapter is oriented to the engine by a tab which fits into a hole inside the filter mount boss of the block. The big bolt retaining the filter adapter is torqued to 47 feet-pounds.
Next, reinstall the driveshaft (4X4) and Hi Flow crossover pipe.
With everything back in place, it is time to start the engine and check for leaks. The engine should be run long enough to check for leaks at all four hose ends. Now, check and replenish the oil supply. In most cases, this usually requires adding about 1.5 quarts to replace the oil lost during the disassembly.
When everything checks out and is leak free, the grill is reinstalled and the truck is ready to roll.
With single installation, the Heath Diesel new Blue Ribbon Diesel Oil Cooler System accomplishes very good things for our 6.5s. By resolving the oil leak issue, it contributes mightily to peace of mind when driving. It also provides an improved diesel oil cooling performance over factory stock and that is always a good thing. The Blue Ribbon kit is assembled of only the highest quality components – no shortcuts are taken. Heath Diesel offers this fine new product with an exceptionally strong, five year warranty against shortcomings in materials and workmanship. Considering the good things it does for our trucks, the Blue Ribbon system is a win-win.
For details on this or any of its fine products, contact a Heath Diesel representative at (509) 925-6265 or toll-free at (877) 894-6266.


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